Blogging from the iPad (2)

Following on from yesterday’s post I eventually gave up and loaded the photos from the bedroom work via the computer. It took all of five minutes. I reckon I must have spent over five hours, on and off, working out how to do it from the iPad. Much longer than was strictly necessary, of course (I could probably have drawn each picture in that amount of time) but in trying to determine a repeatable and reliable process.

All credit to the owners of OneEdit, though – they replied to my email confirming that it uses the original camera metadata to determine picture orientation and that they will look into this for the next version.

I think this is only a problem with the GF1 (out of my repertoire of cameras, anyway) as it’s the only one without auto orientation. But it is the camera I’m most likely to take out with me in the evening due to its superior low light performance (the Micro four thirds format being much more suitable than the compact size sensor) – a great balance between size and performance.

Apparently, auto-orientation is lens dependent, and the 20mm pancake lens doesn’t support it. Pity…


Blogging from iPad – AAAAGGHGH

I love my iPad. I truly do – I think it’s a wonderful bit of kit. But today I AM PULLING MY HAIR OUT about uploading images from it to my blog. Single images: just fine. Lovely, thank you. A whole album? Not so good. Or not today at least.

I’m trying to upload some pictures from my Panasonic GF1 camera. A blooming fantastic camera, actually, I’m seriously impressed with it. BUT, unlike later versions, it has no auto orientation function, meaning all pictures come out as landscape.

Not a problem, think I, I’ll just rotate them in the Photo app on the iPad, which I do. But it appears doing this doesn’t change the metadata, so when I come to use OneEdit to batch resize them, it still thinks they are all landscape, so applying the different resizing rules to landscape and portrait photos doesn’t work.

Aha, think I. No problem. I’ll pick out the ones that need rotating, rotate and save them in OneEdit, then resize them all according to landscape / portrait, and FTP them. But then it turns out that OneEdit DOES change metadata and changes the date / time to the editing time rather than the capture time, so they will no longer sort properly.

Undeterred, I decide I’ll resize them all as landscape, FTP them to my NextGen gallery and use the built in functionality there to rotate the relevant ones. Ok, so they will all have the same L x W dimensions rather than all being the same height, but I can live with that.

So, this I do – and it appears the rotate function doesn’t actually rotate. Or indeed do anything much instead of never quite complete.

And so by now I’m tearing my hair out and wondering whether I should just order a pizza delivery instead!! I mean, GAH!!

To be fair, I’ve not really go the hang of this blogging lark anyway. And certainly not the image management side. Is it better to use the media library or NextGEN, or use an external repository like PicasaWeb or Flickr. And why does my Faster Insert plug in not work anymore? And I really need to decide on one way of doing things because each method appears to result in a slightly different look so the blog is messy and and and….. ;o)

Right. Deep breath. And make some coffee….


Getting back to it.

It’s a been a while since I’ve blogged. And it seems I’m not alone – I’ve noticed the number of updates to blogs in my ‘favourites’ folder is actually quite small, and often even those updates say ‘Whoops, I’m sorry, it’s been a while’. It seems real life is getting in a way of a lot of people. Not surprising really.

For me, I’ve started a new contract that isn’t physically that many more more miles away than my previous job, but takes a long time due to the types of road and weight of traffic.

So, I set off early in the morning and get back fairly late at night. Now, add into this the fact I started a diet just before New Year’s Eve. I’m following Slimming World – and I’m happy to say it seems to be working. But it does mean we’re cooking more from scratch rather than relying on freezer meals and takeaways, and even though M cooks most of the time he doesn’t get home much before me.. So, by the time we get home and have a little chat over coffee and cook and eat, it’s quite late. And so I’ve not being doing a lot of creative stuff.

But then, I scratch my head at that and think, maybe I’m being unfair to myself. Because the big thing that’s been happening in our house since January is that we’ve had some redecoration done on the house. The house we moved into two and a half years ago is solid and dry and warm and secure (we hope), but cosmetically it needs quite a bit of attention, mainly due to woodchip wallpaper EVERWHERE and no carpets. No carpets at all: they were ripped up by the vendor to sell the house – the house had previously been a student house so I can only guess at the state of the carpets. So, we’ve had rough, unfinished and ugly boards, everywhere. Other than the kitchen and bathroom, where the vendor put down cheap lino flooring, there is not a single room with a finished floor.

We agreed for a while that we would focus on paying down the mortgage a bit rather than embarking on major redecoration, and I think that was the right thing to do. But it felt the right time after Christmas to get moving on at least a couple of the rooms. So we’ve been choosing flooring and wallpapers and curtains and rugs. I think that counts as creativity, doesn’t it? Well, I think it does – it’s certainly absorbed a lot of my time these past few months, and moreover it’s been a lot of fun.

So I’m going to share some of the journey of the decorating, and the creative decisions we made along the way.

And then I’m going to put some time in my diary to get back onto painting and dollmaking. Because it’s good for me


On weekends and iPads…

I love weekend mornings. The ones where you don’t have any great rush to get up, anyway.

Because we get up early in the week, it’s hard to get out of that habit. We normally find ourselves waking up at a reasonable hour – often at 7am or thereabouts. Sometimes we sleep much later, and that’s fine. We just let our bodies do what they need to do.

But at whatever time we do wake up, I love to reach for my iPad and see what everyone is up to.

I got my iPad back in late summer, as a present from the lovely M. I’d ummed and arred for a long time over getting one – I knew I really wanted one (but then, I am a gadget girl) but, with a PC, laptop and netbook, I couldn’t quite bring myself to treat myself. I just didn’t ‘need’ one. But I’m so pleased that I got one in the end. It’s pretty brilliant at what it does – as an ‘instant on’ web device (ok, ok, I know it doesn’t do Flash) it’s fantastic.

And one thing it’s particularly great for is blog reading. I never had a particularly coherent process for blog reading. There were some I liked to read, and some that I’d subscribed to, but I didn’t have a blog reading habit. That’s all changed with the iPad. It’s so easy to subscribe to a blog, which I do through Google Reader (I have some javascript on my toolbar that allows me to do this easily) and I use the Reeder app to read them.

I really like Reeder’s clean interface. It works really well to pick up new blog posts, read them, and if I want to export them to Safari so that I can, say, comment on them, well that’s easy too.

So, that’s where I’m to be found most weekend mornings. Snuggled up in a lovely warm bed reading other people’s blogs.

And it doesn’t get much better than that, does it?


Great timing

Having just written my post about loving to look at other people’s art dolls, I checked out some of the blogs I subscribe to and found that the Artdollsonly blog had a post about an art doll Etsy treasury. And what a treasury…

Etsy Treasury

Very, very inspiring.


On the mend

I’m really happy to report that I’m definitely on the mend from my cold / lurgy now. I’m just delighted to have some of my energy back and to feel a bit of happiness once again surging through me. I’m a poor patient and I felt quite cheated to have had effectively slept through a precious week off from work.

But it’s not been entirely wasted. As well as doing the mother and daughter doodle that I posted a day or two ago, I’ve also been able to spend some time with my iPad just searching around. One of the things I’ve come across that is new, to me, is StumbledUpon. Do you use this? I saw it mentioned somewhere, and then saw it had an iPad app, so I thought I’d give it a go. Basically you tell it the sort of things you are interested in, and then it brings up an endless string of websites that it thinks you might like. You get the chance to say whether you do like any particular or, in fact, don’t like it, and I’m assuming that this helps it to further refine its choice.

I’m not sure if there’s any more to it than that, but it’s been a fabulous way to effortlessly find new stuff. And it really has found some things that I’ve been interested in: artist websites that have been inspiring, photos that have been funny, craft websites that have contained some interesting tutorials for new projects. I’ll be sharing some of the stuff with you over the next couple of weeks.


The blank canvas effect.

Ok, so I got my website this far. I set up the theme, chose the plugins, tweaked the settings, tweaked too far and deleted it all, set it all up again, lost all the images, restored them all again, and now… well, I’m suffering from blank canvas syndrome. Or, perhaps a better analogy: from blank art journal syndrome. You know when you open that beautiful journal or sketchbook the first time and suddenly all those ideas that have been buzzing around your head just disappear?

I wanted this to be a journal about art – a log of my progress and journey as I learn new skills and discover fellow creative people, with a few snippets about my life and thoughts thrown in. I’ve been concerned that my ideas for posts, many now discarded, were more about life than they were about art.

But I think I have to be realistic: working long hours means there is only limited time for craft and art, and I think for the moment I just need to post. No more hovering at the door of the party not quite daring to enter. Yes, it will take me a while to hit my stride, but I wont hit it if I don’t get started.

And that, in nutshell, is the story of my life. Always holding back from doing something as it might not be good enough. And somehow expecting that skill to emerge without making the mistakes first.

Perfectionism. It’s not good, is it?


Gah!! A deletion of… everything

Sometimes you just have those days, don’t you?

So, I’ve managed to delete all my images from my posts. And of course it’s Sunday evening and I’ve got work tomorrow, so I’m not going to get chance to fix this for a couple of days. If you happen to stumble across this site, therefore, and wonder why there are no images at all, that is why.



A day of updates

I’ve spent much of today updating my blog. Or, rather, trying to get things to work, like image upload. And although I’m not there yet, I’ve learned a lot so I can get there quicker next time I try.

I’m a bit of an enthusiastic amateur when it comes to it. I’ve been staring unhappily at themes and widgets, then digging into the code to modify it. I don’t have training or experience of this kind of coding but a lot of it is intuitive if you think about it logically. Sometimes I’ve been successful, sometimes I’ve broken the whole thing. I’m quite sure there are issues with it that I haven’t found yet, but I think I’m getting there.

My head hurts now. Oh yes, it hurts a lot.

Time for a Chinese takeaway….