An Etsy Treasury – Calm Living Room

I’ve spent the day in bed today due to having a bad cold. Temperature swings, shivers, aches… you know the thing. Not nice at all. I’ve been sleeping a lot but there’s only so much sleeping you can do without risking being wide awake all night, so I thought I’d do something I’ve been wanting to do for a while: create an Etsy Treasury.

An Etsy Treasury is a collection of sixteen objects of your choice. You assemble them, give the collection a name, description and tags, and you can then share them on Facebook or Twitter, etc, or even just keep it private for yourself.

The existing treasuries all had a theme, so for mine I chose  Calm Living Room.

Calm Living Room – my Etsy treasury

Beautify, aren’t they?

I’ve learned quite a bit from doing this:

1) It’s harder than it looks.

2) The importance for sellers to have clear descriptions, tags and photos

3) There are some very, very talented people out there

4) It’s a lot of fun.

And it IS a lot of fun. It’s like planning a living room or wedding theme without worrying about the cost or committing to just one look. I might even do another…


Dolls heads

Today has been a great day. A much, much needed day off with nothing planned.

It didn’t start too well, with the alarm going off at 6am. M got back to sleep pretty quickly, but I was wide awake, and only managed to drop off back to sleep much later, when M was just getting up!

But then, I lazed around in bed for a bit and watched the videos from Nancye Williams on making doll faces.

So, I thought I’d put it into practise! The red haired ‘lady’ is in paper clay, and the other two heads are in polymer clay.

I really, really like the finish of the polymer clay. It’s basic Fimo Soft, and even using the soft version required a lot of conditioning. However, once baked and painted in an off-white colour, it had a lovely texture.

I’ve glazed the right hand face with a spray on varnish, and again I like the finish. It’s almost like glazed porcelain.