A trip to Kew Gardens Oct 2011

Some photos of our day in and around Kew Gardens.


Gloucester Sculptures

A friend of M’s texted him in great excitement last week to ask if we’d been to the sculpture exhibition at Gloucester Cathedral.

Well, we hadn’t, and to be honest I hadn’t even heard of it. So today we thought we’d give it a try. We had been planning a trip to London but we woke up late and it made a lot more sense to visit somewhere local.

It was brilliant. A real mix of styles, and what a fabulous setting. Gloucester Cathedral is truly beautiful.


Here are just some of the sculptures:


The Maize Maze

We were on the way to a National Trust property today when we saw a sign for a Maize Maze. So we thought it would be fun to stop and give it a go. We were in there for well over an hour trying to find our way back out again. It was a lot of fun, not least because M kept giggling. He’s so tall he could see over a lot of the maize – goodness knows how long we would have been there otherwise!

The day had started out so cold that I’d been coached from the house only once wrapped in a thick coat. By the time we got to the maze, it was beautifully sunny and rather hot. In fact, rather too hot to be wandering, lost, around a field. So a really welcome touch by the organisers was the little ice lollies that they lowered down from the bridge in a small bucket.