A trip to Kew Gardens Oct 2011

Some photos of our day in and around Kew Gardens.


The Maize Maze

We were on the way to a National Trust property today when we saw a sign for a Maize Maze. So we thought it would be fun to stop and give it a go. We were in there for well over an hour trying to find our way back out again. It was a lot of fun, not least because M kept giggling. He’s so tall he could see over a lot of the maize – goodness knows how long we would have been there otherwise!

The day had started out so cold that I’d been coached from the house only once wrapped in a thick coat. By the time we got to the maze, it was beautifully sunny and rather hot. In fact, rather too hot to be wandering, lost, around a field. So a really welcome touch by the organisers was the little ice lollies that they lowered down from the bridge in a small bucket.



Due to hassles on the motorway, I took a very different route for my 60 mile drive to work today. And enjoyed it so much, I did the same on the way back.

There are bits of England that are very, very beautiful, and I’m lucky enough to pass through some of them when driving to my home town through some of the surrounding towns and villages. However, I needed to get home in time to meet a friend, so I couldn’t stop to take snaps. It would have taken me hours, anyway :-)

I did allow myself to pull over by the park in Cheltenham. It was such a lovely evening I wanted to have at least a few snaps of it.

I did get a laugh from an abandoned muffin lying in the gutter, that I nearly stepped on as I jumped out of my car…