Relaxation room

One of the things we achieved at the start of the year was turning our back bedroom into a pleasant space to sit and relax, do yoga and perhaps meditate.

The room started out as pretty much a dumping ground, so the first job was to clear it out:

Then we hung some bed spreads to cover the book cases

Next, we created a quiet corner

Then I painted some art work for the walls


And finally, for now, the screens

Still work to do, but it's a lovely place to be.



Planning the bedroom


For the past three year, we’ve been living in the wood chip walled, magnolia shell that is our bedroom. No carpets either, just rough, paint splattered boards that will take more than a quick lick of paint to sort out.

But the house is safe and warm and it just hasn’t been our priority to strip the walls and sand the floors… and we haven’t had the money either. But, we did the living room and dining room earlier in the year, and now it’s the bedroom’s turn.

If I’m honest, I wouldn’t be doing this now. Not right now. There’s a whole series of reasons why it’s just not a good idea, but M has caught the enthusiasm bug and is merrily stripping the walls. And, after initially throwing a strop because I didn’t think it was the right time to stripping walls, I’ve started to have fun choosing the soft furnishings and the colour scheme…