An evening of Zen Tarot

This was the scene in my relaxation room last night. Lights low, candles lit, essential oil in the burner, water feature trickling away, and a spread of cards. Very, very relaxing.



Relaxation room

One of the things we achieved at the start of the year was turning our back bedroom into a pleasant space to sit and relax, do yoga and perhaps meditate.

The room started out as pretty much a dumping ground, so the first job was to clear it out:

Then we hung some bed spreads to cover the book cases

Next, we created a quiet corner

Then I painted some art work for the walls


And finally, for now, the screens

Still work to do, but it's a lovely place to be.



Room screen

I've been making this since early Jan – a little screen to hide the DVD player in our relaxation room. I'm so pleased with it!

One of the things I'm particularly pleased with was the way I approached it. Like many people these days, I have limited time to paint and do the things I want to do, but what I really came to realise at the start of this year is that I waste the time I do have. And that's something I can change!

So I've been taking a different approach this year, trying to get a bit more organised and focused on my time. Normally, when I want to do something, I either focus on it the exclusion of everything else or else I don't get it finished. This time, I had a method of balancing things – and it worked! Well, to a degree: obviously I didn't put a high priority on the housework, but nothing new there, eh? ;-)

The new approach still… new! But I'm excited about the possibilities it opens. Onwards, and upwards?