Sunday evening sketching

Portrait practice, using a photo from Google as a reference.
Pastel pencils and Neocolors



And yet another one

I'm loving this quick, easy style.



Ten minute sketch

With Neocolors and water on an old music book



Oil pastels

A quick try of oil pastels this morning, blended with Zest-It. Not sure if I took it too far, but it's all good learning :-)




Experiments on a vintage book

We spent a lovely day in Hay-on-Wye yesterday, digging around the second hand bookshops. For some reason, we never go to Hay in warm weather so once again we had fun dashing from shop to shop and warming ourselves with hot chocolate!

I was particularly looking for inexpensive books to alter so I was really pleased to find some extremely cheap music books in an outside ‘honesty’ bookshop in the castle grounds:

At first they seemed extremely damp and unloved but once they’d dried out they were great!!

I also picked up some old novels and tonight made some early experiments in painting directly onto some loose pages: