The evolution of a painting



Abstract #2 – finished!

This one took quite a different direction and involved many, many layers of glazing. And, again, I really enjoyed it. I'm working on a few more in this style now.



Abstract #1 – finished

I really enjoyed this piece and am delighted with the result.



Abstract paintings – works in progress



Blocking in the background

I didn’t like the flowers so I blocked in the background. Now wondering where to take it next.


Saturday painting

Painting on hardboard – an interesting experience as it’s quite slippery.


A day of childlike painting

I’ve been so inspired by the childlike, whimsical paintings that I’ve been seeing on blogs and online art groups recently. They are such fun but seem to open up new techniques that I wouldn’t necessarily try in other kinds of painting. I’ve actually signed up for the ecourse by Tim’s Sally, and while I’m waiting for that I thought I’d try some stuff out for myself.

First, I used a canvas board that I’d started to prepare for a Flora style painting. I then sketched out a childlike figure, fuzzily filled it with gesso, then built up layers using acrylics and pastel. There’s much more I could do with this but I do like it the way it is.

Next, I decided to try something a bit less childlike and I tried a technique that I’d seen on Misty Mawn’s video – a way of drawing with gel medium. Misty has a way of making things look so easy and this was no different: what seemed simple enough in the video ended up a sticky mess when I tried it! Still, I like the texture and the technique, and although my result is nowhere near as stylish as Misty’s, I do quite like it.

Back to a childish style. Just acrylic background and pastels layered with gel medium, highlighted with Neocolor crayons.

That style reminded me a bit of pen and ink sketches, so I decided to do a really small, fun doodle, and colour with Neocolor crayons

A really fun day!


Abstract – unfinished

Another abstract inspired by Flora Bowley’s class. Work in progress


Finished (for now)

It was a bit fun, and I love her! A simple background for now – I’m going to work on backgrounds – and a cheeky look.


A bit of fun (WIP)

After a hugely fun in Co Durham (more on this later) I started a quick, fun face. Just thinking now how to develop and finish…