Where’s my brain today?

So, it really would be rather marvellous if I were not such a raving idiot at times. Okay, okay – blame the hangover (AND it’s my first in WEEKS) (perhaps not such a marvellous achievement, thinking about it) but today I’m scratching my head in acute puzzlement.

Here’s the story: I send my camera off for repair. Camera gets repaired and sent back. Of course, things never happen quite that simply, so here’s what REALLY happened: I send my camera off for repair. After a few weeks I’ve not heard anything. I chase. Nothing. Chase again. Not a lot. I phone. Get told that camera is waiting for a spare part and they don’t have an ETA for spare part. Fine. Get email almost immediately saying same thing. Next day, get a similar but extended email saying they don’t know when the spare parts will be available from the supplier, never happened before, will be kept informed bla bla bla. Fine.

TWO HOURS LATER, I get an email saying camera is now ready for return, could I please phone to arrange payment. Suspicious, yes? Yes, that’s what I thought too. So I emailed to ask what the story is and whether the camera really is ready – and tested – only two hours after it was waiting on errant spare parts. The reply email confirmed it was indeed all ready, and all tested, and could I make payment. So I did, and got the camera back, which I only tested very quickly and put to one side ready for our holiday.

That was over two weeks ago. Today – THE DAY BEFORE OUR HOLIDAY – I get a voicemail saying they’ve actually sent me someone else’s camera and could I phone to arrange the return of it. They will then return mine, which they are trying to get back from the other customer. Great stuff. Oh, you can imagine just how pleased I was with this. But I phone and I’m nice and, to be honest, the camera repair company (which is clearly a tiny outfit) hadn’t really thought this all through and didn’t expect me to say ‘but I’m on holiday. From tomorrow. With the camera. And, no, I’m not prepared to be without it for up to a week. The same week in which my holiday happens to be positioned’. No, indeed.

In fact, the camera repair company kept pointing out, somewhat weakly, that the other customer wasn’t going to be very happy but did at least drop this argument when I pointed out that I wasn’t very happy either, and why did they think the other customer’s happiness was more valuable than mine. So, there we are. I sent the man away to come up with more solutions (I was in a departmental off-site day and had to get back as the session was starting). So the man did go away, and came back with a slightly more palatable approach.

So, why am I a raving idiot? It’s this: I need to send the camera via UPS (with a prepaid label) and, for the life of me, I can’t work out how to do this. They ‘will’ come and pick it up, apparently, but I’m not happy to lose a day of my holiday waiting in for a UPS collection. Aha, think I. There is no problem here. I will google UPS and see whether they have a local depot. And I do this, and find lots of UPS collection points. And here’s the raving idiot bit: does collection mean that the company is collecting a parcel that I’m sending, or is it for me to collect a parcel that someone else has set? I have absolutely no idea. And I’m mildly losing the will to live. I’ll package it up, ready, and think about it when I have more than a single functioning brain cell.

I may be waiting quite a while for that…


A walk to work

I decided to walk to work today. At first I felt I’d made a mistake – my hands went numb from the cold and I’d not put on an appropriate coat. But the moment I got to the park, my spirits soared and I was so glad I was there.










Blogging from the iPad (2)

Following on from yesterday’s post I eventually gave up and loaded the photos from the bedroom work via the computer. It took all of five minutes. I reckon I must have spent over five hours, on and off, working out how to do it from the iPad. Much longer than was strictly necessary, of course (I could probably have drawn each picture in that amount of time) but in trying to determine a repeatable and reliable process.

All credit to the owners of OneEdit, though – they replied to my email confirming that it uses the original camera metadata to determine picture orientation and that they will look into this for the next version.

I think this is only a problem with the GF1 (out of my repertoire of cameras, anyway) as it’s the only one without auto orientation. But it is the camera I’m most likely to take out with me in the evening due to its superior low light performance (the Micro four thirds format being much more suitable than the compact size sensor) – a great balance between size and performance.

Apparently, auto-orientation is lens dependent, and the 20mm pancake lens doesn’t support it. Pity…



I sooo want to try infrared photography. I am just blown away by some of the stunning images to be found on the Internet.

So, I’m trying to decide on the way to do it. It seems I have two main choices: to have a digicam converted to IR, or to use the appropriate filters with an older style digicam (one that is more sensitive to IR than modern cameras tend to be).

As I’m a girl of convenience and like the idea of using a camera normally, without the hassle of taking a tripod with me, the converted cam appeals. But: money. Or lack of it :-(

As ever, these things are more complicated than they could be. If I lived in America, I could get one of my old P&S cameras, that are currently residing in a drawer somewhere, converted. But the UK companies only seem to convert dSLRs, and I don’t have a spare one of these. So, I could send a P&S off to the US, but I then read that you can get hit with a large tax bill upon reentry to the UK. Sigh.

So, I could use the filters in front of a digicam, but I am still researching whether my current digicams are sufficiently sensitive to IR.

And in the meantime, the British summertime is ebbing away. Can you do IR photography in the winter?

I will get to a decision, though ;-)