Door knobs

I was reminded today, by a post on a forum, of the door knobs I made for the dresser in the dining room. They must be two years or so old now and are holding up really well, so now I've found all the clay tools for the doll I made today I think I'll make the set we need for the wardrobe in the main bedroom.



Little doll!

It's AGES since I made a doll and it's rare I get as far as dressing them! I made this as a gift; I hope the recipient likes it…



Cabinet knobs!

I’ve finished the knobs for the dining room dresser.

This weekend I’ll do a round up photo for all the knobs, but in the meantime:

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He was lonely

…so I made Monsieur Legume a girlfriend. Her name is Esmerelda


Introducing… Monsieur Legume

Drum roll…. I’d like to present: Monsieur Legume, my very first primitive polymer clay doll! He’s very loosely based on Nancye William’s tutorial for primitive folk dolls but he just started to emerge so I let him. I’m pleased I did. I like him.

He’s so flawed but he’s kind of endearing all the same. I had so much fun making him. I had to make bent limbs rather than straight as they wouldn’t fit into the baking tin I was using, but I like that. And then I overcooked the clay and it turned quite brown, but that didn’t matter too much as he was always going to be painted. The black was originally just an undercoat for a more exciting colour but I think I like him just the way he is.

Why Monsieur Legume? Well, M thought he looked a little like the character Mr Bean, so it just kind of fitted…


Cabinet knobs

One of my ongoing projects is to make a set of polymer clay knobs for our welsh dresser in the dining room. It’s a great thing to do because a knob can be made whenever there is some free time and there’s not too much pressure. Other than the fact we have a dresser that is difficult to use because it’s only got a few knobs. The others got lost when I took them off to paint it white. Sigh.

Any way, I’m now more than half way through so it seemed a good time to share the knobs so far. Apologies for the poor quality of the photos. I’ll take fantastic shots when the remaining knobs have been made.