Sunday drawing


I’m on holiday, so a great opportunity to do some portrait practice. Am very pleased with the baby drawing.

I used very different papers for these and the paper for the old lady was way too smooth. It was very hard to work with. So, I’ve learned something!


Another quick sketch

Another quick portrait. You know, I think it's time that I started taking more time over these. Check measurements, aim for a likeness, that kind of thing.

They're fun, though




One from the other day




Weekend art

Well, I'm STILL not well (yes, I know, it's getting boring now, isn't it?) so I've just been doing casual sketching / art with not a lot of effort or intent.

Yesterday, I sketched these two characters using Conte Pierre Noire

I really Iove the creaminess and richness of the Pierre Noire pencil and find it much easier to control than charcoal.

Then I sketched this person roughly on a large sheet of paper

She's very flawed and I'm not going to finish her, but I quite like her all the same.

Next, another abandoned attempt:

As you can see, she ended up looking quite snooty and ugly. I may go back to this one at some point but I don't find pastels very compatible with my over sensitive sinuses.

Finally, a quick and lazy coloured pencil sketch:


And finally, there's Bob. Bob works in a car showroom and eats too many crisps. He's not a very nice person, really. I love it when the characters tell me something about themselves.

So a relatively productive weekend and I'm pleased I made myself do stuff despite not really feeling in the mood for it.



Yearbook photo in ink

I wanted to try to be a bit more precise, or perhaps economical, with my lines so I thought I'd try a sketch straight to pen, with no pencil measuring. It was quite a challenge and I got the shape of the face quite wrong, so I reworked it a little. Getting a likeness is hard…



Another sketch from bed

Still ill (boooo) and M is even worse, so I did another sketch in bed from a photo reference. It's an awkward makeshift working area and I was working in the half light of the bedside lamp. Not ideal – but I do like the basics of this style and would like to develop it.




I wasn't going to sign up for any classes this year. I want to watch the pennies a little and also I have a huge backlog of books and courses to try. But I began seeing the output of Misty Mawn's Face to Face class and I knew I had to join in. Her courses are always so generously full of inspiring videos.

BUT I have exams coming up so I'm trying to hold back and not get too stuck in, so for now I'm just keeping to the charcoal lessons.

I find charcoal really challenging. Incredibly so. I'm sure it's a question of practice but, boy, do I get frustrated. Plus I'm really not sure that the charcoal is good for my allergies. I may need to rethink this a little.

But, for now, here's two efforts at charcoal. My first in quite a while. Brought to you with blood, sweat and tears. And sneezes and coughs… ;-)