Weekend art

Well, I'm STILL not well (yes, I know, it's getting boring now, isn't it?) so I've just been doing casual sketching / art with not a lot of effort or intent.

Yesterday, I sketched these two characters using Conte Pierre Noire

I really Iove the creaminess and richness of the Pierre Noire pencil and find it much easier to control than charcoal.

Then I sketched this person roughly on a large sheet of paper

She's very flawed and I'm not going to finish her, but I quite like her all the same.

Next, another abandoned attempt:

As you can see, she ended up looking quite snooty and ugly. I may go back to this one at some point but I don't find pastels very compatible with my over sensitive sinuses.

Finally, a quick and lazy coloured pencil sketch:


And finally, there's Bob. Bob works in a car showroom and eats too many crisps. He's not a very nice person, really. I love it when the characters tell me something about themselves.

So a relatively productive weekend and I'm pleased I made myself do stuff despite not really feeling in the mood for it.



Yearbook photo in ink

I wanted to try to be a bit more precise, or perhaps economical, with my lines so I thought I'd try a sketch straight to pen, with no pencil measuring. It was quite a challenge and I got the shape of the face quite wrong, so I reworked it a little. Getting a likeness is hard…



And yet another one

I'm loving this quick, easy style.



Ten minute sketch

With Neocolors and water on an old music book



Experiments on a vintage book

We spent a lovely day in Hay-on-Wye yesterday, digging around the second hand bookshops. For some reason, we never go to Hay in warm weather so once again we had fun dashing from shop to shop and warming ourselves with hot chocolate!

I was particularly looking for inexpensive books to alter so I was really pleased to find some extremely cheap music books in an outside ‘honesty’ bookshop in the castle grounds:

At first they seemed extremely damp and unloved but once they’d dried out they were great!!

I also picked up some old novels and tonight made some early experiments in painting directly onto some loose pages: