I sooo want to try infrared photography. I am just blown away by some of the stunning images to be found on the Internet.

So, I’m trying to decide on the way to do it. It seems I have two main choices: to have a digicam converted to IR, or to use the appropriate filters with an older style digicam (one that is more sensitive to IR than modern cameras tend to be).

As I’m a girl of convenience and like the idea of using a camera normally, without the hassle of taking a tripod with me, the converted cam appeals. But: money. Or lack of it :-(

As ever, these things are more complicated than they could be. If I lived in America, I could get one of my old P&S cameras, that are currently residing in a drawer somewhere, converted. But the UK companies only seem to convert dSLRs, and I don’t have a spare one of these. So, I could send a P&S off to the US, but I then read that you can get hit with a large tax bill upon reentry to the UK. Sigh.

So, I could use the filters in front of a digicam, but I am still researching whether my current digicams are sufficiently sensitive to IR.

And in the meantime, the British summertime is ebbing away. Can you do IR photography in the winter?

I will get to a decision, though ;-)


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