Bedroom WIP

So, it was, absolutely, M’s decision that we cracked on with the bedroom right now. I wanted to hold off, for personal / professional reasons and to give us time to save up for it properly. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve been itching to do something with the bedroom since we moved in. Magnolia wood chip and no lampshades has made it feel a transitory place to sleep, but initially I didn’t think that ‘now’ was the right time to start work. And M, being M, didn’t do the planning / pre thought that would have made it an easier task. Like moving things out of the way to avoid them being covered in plaster dust.

None the less, work did start, and it’s been a fun week, mainly due to me not being able to access clean clothes and having a bed full of dust and grit each night.

But it’s on its way. It’s going to look good, or at least, much improved.


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