29 Faces…

So, I managed nine. Boo. I always knew I was unlikely to complete all twenty-nine, due to work commitments. But actually what happened was a study in the problems with having a perfectionist nature.

I was doing so well: I got to day 9, and I was on track. Day 10 came and went without a drawing, and I thought ‘Oh well, that’s okay. I can easily catch up’. Day 11, day 12, day 13… and suddenly I realised I was very behind. I could have started up again and plodded on through. I may not have ended up with 29 faces but I would have ended up with a good number of them. But as I realised I’d ‘blown’ the challenge, my brain just kind of zoned me out of it and I didn’t want to continue.

I did exactly the same with the photo-a-day project that I was doing so well at until mid March.

Ho hum. An interesting lesson, maybe…


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