A fantastic workspace… and a very messy one!

Look at this studio. How fantastic is this?

Fantastic Studio

Fantastic Studio from Posie Gets Cozy

This is from the lovely Posie Get Cozy blog, and I don’t mind admitting I’m green with envy. What a fantastic space in which to work! There’s some really lovely stuff on that blog too, and I feel quite inspired to get out my sewing machine. Click on the link above to view that site and drool over the lovely creations.

There is a very real reason for me to be envious or, at the very least, to feel shamed into doing some tidying. Do you want to see my own workspace? I’m almost ashamed to show you, but…

But I love my workspace. I really do: I am so lucky to have a space that I can spread out my mess and leave it there ready for the next time I need to use it. Our last house was very small and there was no room for hobbies at all, and everything had to be put away at the end of the day. I share this room with M, and you can normally find us there each evening, working away at something. I love it. But I think I do need to tidy up…


2 thoughts on “A fantastic workspace… and a very messy one!

  1. Wow that is an impressive artspace indeed!

    Call me crazy though but I actually prefer your art space (it’s very similar to mine, a desk covered in art supplies and projects!). The art space up above just looks so grand and intimidating, I think I would just feel too much pressure to create.

    Isn’t it so awesome to have your own little art desk space? I was in the same situation as you before, a very small apartment (I shared a room with my then boyfriend (now husband) and it was in a flatshare with 2 other people) and I could only do art on my work desk and everything had to be cleared away afterwards. Needless to say I hardly did any art. Now I’ve got a dedicated art desk and it’s super freeing to have everything in reach and just leave stuff out so I can come back to it in a few hours or days.

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