A soggy morning in London

It’s Sunday morning and it is very, very wet. What started out as a fairly light drizzle as we left the hotel soon turned into a pretty heavy downpour. But, you know, it’s great to wander through the rain when getting wet just doesn’t matter. And it’s true: it just doesn’t matter, because we’ve got a whole day ahead of us and there’s so many chances to dry out in coffee shops and galleries and bars and… well, the list goes on.

We were on a breakfast mission this morning. We love breakfast on a weekend or on a holiday day. It’s such a treat to sit down and enjoy coffee and breakfast, and morning papers, and not to worry about getting on with things.

Today, we’ve come to The Table on Southwark Street. It came up in an internet search for great breakfasts in London, and it’s not too far away at all from our hotel. Right now we are sitting with our cappuccinos, waiting for the ‘Breakfast Stack’ to arrive. This is homemade baked beans with red pepper pesto, chorizo sausage, two poached eggs and hollandaise sauce, served on a toasted bagel.


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