A trip to the gallery

On Friday M and I went to an open evening at a gallery with our lovely friend, Emma.


One of Emma’s friends was exhibiting there, so off we set into the darkening lanes of Gloucestershire , and then Worcestershire, to find it tucked away down a twisty lane. Great fun!!

The gallery was great – it had a diverse selection of art and sculpture that felt quite down to earth in comparison to some places we’ve been. We briefly met Will, the owner, and I felt he fitted that description too. Do take a look if you find yourself in that part of the world – it’s well worth a visit.

I love looking at a variety of art with a number of friends and comparing what appeals to each. It seemed that Emma was quite drawn to the ‘realistic’ paintings – detailed representations in oils or acrylics. I found myself returning to works with distorted perspective – houses drawn with exaggerated curves in the street, etc, something that seems to appeal to M as well. And Emma’s friend, Jo Lucas, has a fascinating approach to her paintings, creating identifiable landscapes by layering blocks of paint in rich, earthy colours.

But I was also drawn to some little paper mache sculptures – little ornamental houses with figures, seed holders for the potting shed, etc. The artist who created this fun and brightly coloured range was Hilary Mee – I can’t find a website for her but I did find this http://www.parkfieldsgallery.co.uk/artists/mee.html. See – fun isn’t it?

I liked her work because it was incredibly accessible in a very folk art way. It’s not a million miles away from the art journals and the blogs that I enjoy so much. Plus, I’ve been dabbling just a little in paper mache and I found it really refreshing to find such fun stuff in a gallery.

Emma was less convinced, much less so. I don’t think she considered it to be ‘art at all. Would it be very mean of me to make her a paper mache object for Christmas….??


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