A walk to work

I decided to walk to work today. At first I felt I’d made a mistake – my hands went numb from the cold and I’d not put on an appropriate coat. But the moment I got to the park, my spirits soared and I was so glad I was there.










3 thoughts on “A walk to work

  1. Such a beautiful park. I used to work just around the corner from Warwick Castle and loved taking a walk on my lunchbreak along the river with the view of the castle in the background. Funnily enough this week I had a similar experience. I had to walk home from the gym – it’s about 25 minute walk about half of it through a country park & woodland. It felt just like you described. A bit of autumnal magic. I even jumped through the leaves a bit – nobody to see me making a fool of myself except the rabbits, squirrels and birds!

    These are gorgeous photos. Very dreamy!

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