Angry Man – calm down, why don’t you?

I was in WH Smiths today stocking up on sketch books. I must have hundreds of sketch books but I wanted some cheaper, spiral bound ones for doodling / casual sketching. There’s something about the proper bound sketch books that gives me a fear of dirtying the page, which is not a good start, really, is it?

Along comes a couple – late middle-aged -  I’d say, who start poking around the art supplies. Which was odd, as it seemed pretty clear they had no desire to buy anything and seemed more intent on criticising the items for sale. But when they got to the eraser section, I really thought the man was going to blow a gasket.

“An electric eraser?” he shouted. “Can they get more stupid? What a bloody stupid idea!  An electric bloody eraser? What, do they not want to hurt their precious little hands rubbing things out?” (This is a slightly sanitised version, by the way).

Well, I’m sorry, Angry Man. I think you need to calm down and get a life. But thanks for pointing out the location of the electric erasers:  I needed one for some fine detail erasing…


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