Bank Holiday Monday in London

The nice thing about London is that we come here a fair bit. So there doesn’t seem so much ‘pressure’ to pack things into each day.

This morning was cold, and we were jaded. So we decided it could be an easy day. A lazy day, almost.

We headed over to Covent Garden on the bus – a treat in itself as it took us through areas of the Southbank I hadn’t seen before. Then, a long lazy breakfast – although much lighter than yesterday. Porridge with honey for M, and muesli with honey and yoghurt for me. Delicious.

Of course, the wonderful thing about Covent Garden is the number of bead shops in the area, and despite although it’s been a while since I’ve really got stuck into making a necklace, I thought I’d treat myself to some sparkly beads. Oh, and some eyeshadow from the Mac shop.

The weather made it a priority to spend some time indoors, so we wandered down to the National Gallery. I still find it amazing that it’s possible to walk into such places and see fantastic, and often famous, pieces of art without having to pay an admission fee.


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