Blogging from iPad – AAAAGGHGH

I love my iPad. I truly do – I think it’s a wonderful bit of kit. But today I AM PULLING MY HAIR OUT about uploading images from it to my blog. Single images: just fine. Lovely, thank you. A whole album? Not so good. Or not today at least.

I’m trying to upload some pictures from my Panasonic GF1 camera. A blooming fantastic camera, actually, I’m seriously impressed with it. BUT, unlike later versions, it has no auto orientation function, meaning all pictures come out as landscape.

Not a problem, think I, I’ll just rotate them in the Photo app on the iPad, which I do. But it appears doing this doesn’t change the metadata, so when I come to use OneEdit to batch resize them, it still thinks they are all landscape, so applying the different resizing rules to landscape and portrait photos doesn’t work.

Aha, think I. No problem. I’ll pick out the ones that need rotating, rotate and save them in OneEdit, then resize them all according to landscape / portrait, and FTP them. But then it turns out that OneEdit DOES change metadata and changes the date / time to the editing time rather than the capture time, so they will no longer sort properly.

Undeterred, I decide I’ll resize them all as landscape, FTP them to my NextGen gallery and use the built in functionality there to rotate the relevant ones. Ok, so they will all have the same L x W dimensions rather than all being the same height, but I can live with that.

So, this I do – and it appears the rotate function doesn’t actually rotate. Or indeed do anything much instead of never quite complete.

And so by now I’m tearing my hair out and wondering whether I should just order a pizza delivery instead!! I mean, GAH!!

To be fair, I’ve not really go the hang of this blogging lark anyway. And certainly not the image management side. Is it better to use the media library or NextGEN, or use an external repository like PicasaWeb or Flickr. And why does my Faster Insert plug in not work anymore? And I really need to decide on one way of doing things because each method appears to result in a slightly different look so the blog is messy and and and….. ;o)

Right. Deep breath. And make some coffee….


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