Blogging from the iPad (2)

Following on from yesterday’s post I eventually gave up and loaded the photos from the bedroom work via the computer. It took all of five minutes. I reckon I must have spent over five hours, on and off, working out how to do it from the iPad. Much longer than was strictly necessary, of course (I could probably have drawn each picture in that amount of time) but in trying to determine a repeatable and reliable process.

All credit to the owners of OneEdit, though – they replied to my email confirming that it uses the original camera metadata to determine picture orientation and that they will look into this for the next version.

I think this is only a problem with the GF1 (out of my repertoire of cameras, anyway) as it’s the only one without auto orientation. But it is the camera I’m most likely to take out with me in the evening due to its superior low light performance (the Micro four thirds format being much more suitable than the compact size sensor) – a great balance between size and performance.

Apparently, auto-orientation is lens dependent, and the 20mm pancake lens doesn’t support it. Pity…


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