Borough Market

We arrived at our hotel, the fabulous Hilton Tower Bridge London, a little too early to check in properly. So we checked in our bags, pre-registered, and headed out to find lunch. The really exciting thing about having a hotel in a different part of the city is the opportunity to explore new streets.

The first thing that really pleased us is that we realised we are right next door to a part of London where we had coffee and kicked back on one of our very first trips to the city together. We’ve often wondered together exactly where we’d ended up that day, so it was great to find out where we were.

We then followed the river round, knowing that we were close to the Golden Hind and the surrounding places to eat.

We were excited to come across the famous Borough Market, which was still in full swing and full of stalls selling everything from cheese to wine to carrot cake and fresh meat. The smells were overwhelming.


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