Cabinet knobs

One of my ongoing projects is to make a set of polymer clay knobs for our welsh dresser in the dining room. It’s a great thing to do because a knob can be made whenever there is some free time and there’s not too much pressure. Other than the fact we have a dresser that is difficult to use because it’s only got a few knobs. The others got lost when I took them off to paint it white. Sigh.

Any way, I’m now more than half way through so it seemed a good time to share the knobs so far. Apologies for the poor quality of the photos. I’ll take fantastic shots when the remaining knobs have been made.


7 thoughts on “Cabinet knobs

  1. I love these…could you do a tutorial or explain on your blog how you made these? I would love to do something similar on an old chest I have. Do you put the clay around an existing cheapy knob?

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