I wasn't going to sign up for any classes this year. I want to watch the pennies a little and also I have a huge backlog of books and courses to try. But I began seeing the output of Misty Mawn's Face to Face class and I knew I had to join in. Her courses are always so generously full of inspiring videos.

BUT I have exams coming up so I'm trying to hold back and not get too stuck in, so for now I'm just keeping to the charcoal lessons.

I find charcoal really challenging. Incredibly so. I'm sure it's a question of practice but, boy, do I get frustrated. Plus I'm really not sure that the charcoal is good for my allergies. I may need to rethink this a little.

But, for now, here's two efforts at charcoal. My first in quite a while. Brought to you with blood, sweat and tears. And sneezes and coughs… ;-)



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