Downloading Lifebook videos to ipad

This is a quick guide to downloading videos from Lifeboom 2014 to the ipad. This is what works for me – I'm sure there are other ways too.

First, if course, you need to be signed up to Lifebook 2014 (and if you're not – why not? It's a whole year of art with great people!). And you'll need the Goodreader app.

From the classroom page, click on the link BELOW the video you want to download

Then click on the 'Clip info / download' button below the video.

Next, choose the size you want to download and copy the link for that, by clicking on the link in the normal way and copying the full address from the address bar when the video page loads:

Now launch Goodreader and choose 'Enter URL'.

Paste the URL into the resulting pop up box and your download will start.



2 thoughts on “Downloading Lifebook videos to ipad

  1. Did you use the free version or the pay version of Goodreader? When I looked at it, it seemed to be for PDF’s not video. Was I looking at the right app?

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