Getting back to it.

It’s a been a while since I’ve blogged. And it seems I’m not alone – I’ve noticed the number of updates to blogs in my ‘favourites’ folder is actually quite small, and often even those updates say ‘Whoops, I’m sorry, it’s been a while’. It seems real life is getting in a way of a lot of people. Not surprising really.

For me, I’ve started a new contract that isn’t physically that many more more miles away than my previous job, but takes a long time due to the types of road and weight of traffic.

So, I set off early in the morning and get back fairly late at night. Now, add into this the fact I started a diet just before New Year’s Eve. I’m following Slimming World – and I’m happy to say it seems to be working. But it does mean we’re cooking more from scratch rather than relying on freezer meals and takeaways, and even though M cooks most of the time he doesn’t get home much before me.. So, by the time we get home and have a little chat over coffee and cook and eat, it’s quite late. And so I’ve not being doing a lot of creative stuff.

But then, I scratch my head at that and think, maybe I’m being unfair to myself. Because the big thing that’s been happening in our house since January is that we’ve had some redecoration done on the house. The house we moved into two and a half years ago is solid and dry and warm and secure (we hope), but cosmetically it needs quite a bit of attention, mainly due to woodchip wallpaper EVERWHERE and no carpets. No carpets at all: they were ripped up by the vendor to sell the house – the house had previously been a student house so I can only guess at the state of the carpets. So, we’ve had rough, unfinished and ugly boards, everywhere. Other than the kitchen and bathroom, where the vendor put down cheap lino flooring, there is not a single room with a finished floor.

We agreed for a while that we would focus on paying down the mortgage a bit rather than embarking on major redecoration, and I think that was the right thing to do. But it felt the right time after Christmas to get moving on at least a couple of the rooms. So we’ve been choosing flooring and wallpapers and curtains and rugs. I think that counts as creativity, doesn’t it? Well, I think it does – it’s certainly absorbed a lot of my time these past few months, and moreover it’s been a lot of fun.

So I’m going to share some of the journey of the decorating, and the creative decisions we made along the way.

And then I’m going to put some time in my diary to get back onto painting and dollmaking. Because it’s good for me


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