Gloucester Sculptures

A friend of M’s texted him in great excitement last week to ask if we’d been to the sculpture exhibition at Gloucester Cathedral.

Well, we hadn’t, and to be honest I hadn’t even heard of it. So today we thought we’d give it a try. We had been planning a trip to London but we woke up late and it made a lot more sense to visit somewhere local.

It was brilliant. A real mix of styles, and what a fabulous setting. Gloucester Cathedral is truly beautiful.

Here are just some of the sculptures:


One thought on “Gloucester Sculptures

  1. Whilst the Crucible exhibition is a good sculpture exhibition, I fail to see, with the exception of one or two pieces, what this has to do with a place of worship. For those who want to use the cathedral for its primary purpose – prayer, it seems more of an hindrance than a blessing. Ever since Harry Potter used their cloisters, the Dean and Chapter seem to be looking for ways to make money, now I grant that the upkeep of the cathedral fabric is not a cheap process, but, if no-one is going to use the cathedral for religious purposes, what is the point of keeping it as a cathedral?

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