Introducing… Monsieur Legume

Drum roll…. I’d like to present: Monsieur Legume, my very first primitive polymer clay doll! He’s very loosely based on Nancye William’s tutorial for primitive folk dolls but he just started to emerge so I let him. I’m pleased I did. I like him.

He’s so flawed but he’s kind of endearing all the same. I had so much fun making him. I had to make bent limbs rather than straight as they wouldn’t fit into the baking tin I was using, but I like that. And then I overcooked the clay and it turned quite brown, but that didn’t matter too much as he was always going to be painted. The black was originally just an undercoat for a more exciting colour but I think I like him just the way he is.

Why Monsieur Legume? Well, M thought he looked a little like the character Mr Bean, so it just kind of fitted…


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