London with an imperfect lens

An utterly fantastic week or so in London. So much to see and do – and we barely scratched the surface.

I was looking forward to taking a whole bunch of photos whilst there, but at the very last minute (quite literally – we were just walking out of the door) – I decided to leave behind my ‘proper’ lenses and take the Sigma 18-200mm superzoom. This was based purely on ease of use: that ability to go up close or go wide without changing lenses. Or, for that matter, without causing permanent shoulder damage by carrying a heavy bag of lenses.

I knew, of course, it was a trade off and that I’d be getting softer focus and muted colours. I was quite happy with that. I even went one step further and shot jpeg only – although this was to preserve card space (which was just as well, as I managed to put my whole wallet of SD cards through the washing machine by forgetting to take them out of my pocket. Luckily I’d not yet used them on this trip. Even more luckily, they appear to still be functioning!)

The results ‘are’ a lot softer than normal – although whether that’s down to lens quality, to lens compatibility with the 60d, or the slow lens highlighting camera movement, I don’t know – but I have to admit I really enjoyed the flexibility of the zoom.


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