More clay musings

Right. I must admit, I’m getting bored of clay now!! This is why I have to cycle my hobbies, as I get really into something, then get really bored with it. It’s great I’ve got enough room to keep the tools and things that I buy, though, as I know I’ll like them again soon.

The one big problem I have at the moment is not knowing which clay to use. I’ve gone off the Newclay for the time being, as it is so difficult to paint. In addition, the little jesters hat points fell off last night (whoops). This could be completely my issue, of course – perhaps I’m just not skilled in putting them on as yet.

So, tonight I tried the other clay I bought, which is by Gedeo. My goodness, is it wet! It is so incredibly sticky that it’s extremely hard to handle. In fact, as I opened the packet there was a bit of clay leakage – liquid clay that just dripped out.

I tried another little head, and had to have it drying propped up against a bottle for a bit as the neck isn’t strong enough to support it. And there were finger marks everywhere.

So, I tried the rest of the Efaplast lite, and have definitely decided I don’t like it. I quite like the effect it gives when dry, but it is so hard to work with. Which makes it unenjoyable.

Gah! I think I need a break from clay :o) Well, of course I’m very aware that this is all just a diversion from my art course, with which I’m very behind.


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