New cards

I’m really excited that the cards that I ordered from some of my paintings have arrived. I shared the first one to arrive a couple of weeks ago, and because I was so pleased with that one I ordered  cards from other paintings.

It’s very special to see your own work on a card. I’m so pleased with them that I keep picking them up, looking at them, smiling broadly… you know the type of thing. It’s really lovely to think that I’ve got a little stock of cards for when birthdays and events crop up – I just can’t wait to send one of my own cards!

I will also be adding these to my Etsy store when the time is right… watch this space.

PS. I couldn’t help leaving the photo in with M asleep in the background… makes me giggle every time I see it…


3 thoughts on “New cards

  1. They’re beautiful! They came out really well.

    Where did you get them printed? And what format/resolution/dpi were the originals? Did you scan your artwork or photograph them? Hope you don’t mind all the questions, I’m curious and want to store the information away for future reference!

  2. Oh wow I just looked at the bigger size pics and I’m even more impressed now. The texture of the paintings REALLY comes through so well, can’t believe it!

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