So, another try at making heads, and another clay. This time I used something called Newclay.

Now, this to me feel likes clay. And it looks like clay. It’s heavy and grey and smooths easily with a damp finger. I really enjoyed using this clay. I was concerned it might crack badly as it dried, mainly because it felt quite a wet clay and I was worried what would happen to it when it lost all that water. My experience, though, was that it didn’t crack at all. The little jester above is the second figure I made. This is currently drying, and I’m interested to see how the points of the headdress stay on.

The first figure I made was a bit more simple. I decided to paint him today along with some other little figures, and one thing I noticed is that he really drank the black paint up. Unlike the other figures, there was very little opportunity to wipe him down with a damp paper towel to just give a bit of texture.

What I’m not sure of yet is whether this is a feature of the clay, or whether it is due to the clay not being quite dry. Logically this doesn’t make sense, but I seem to remember something from the video tutorial on painting air dry clay that mentioned the dryness of the clay having an effect on the way it took the paint.

So, I’m going to leave the little jester a lot longer to dry out and see what happens when I come to paint him.


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