On the mend

I’m really happy to report that I’m definitely on the mend from my cold / lurgy now. I’m just delighted to have some of my energy back and to feel a bit of happiness once again surging through me. I’m a poor patient and I felt quite cheated to have had effectively slept through a precious week off from work.

But it’s not been entirely wasted. As well as doing the mother and daughter doodle that I posted a day or two ago, I’ve also been able to spend some time with my iPad just searching around. One of the things I’ve come across that is new, to me, is StumbledUpon. Do you use this? I saw it mentioned somewhere, and then saw it had an iPad app, so I thought I’d give it a go. Basically you tell it the sort of things you are interested in, and then it brings up an endless string of websites that it thinks you might like. You get the chance to say whether you do like any particular or, in fact, don’t like it, and I’m assuming that this helps it to further refine its choice.

I’m not sure if there’s any more to it than that, but it’s been a fabulous way to effortlessly find new stuff. And it really has found some things that I’ve been interested in: artist websites that have been inspiring, photos that have been funny, craft websites that have contained some interesting tutorials for new projects. I’ll be sharing some of the stuff with you over the next couple of weeks.


One thought on “On the mend

  1. glad to hear you are on the mend :3 I found stumbleupon over the summer and it really is a neat fun little tool to use! Although I always get so distracted on it!

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