Painting clay

Last night and today I got chance to paint some of the little people I’d created so far. These people were made using the Faber Efaplast clays, both the classic and the lite version.

Firstly, I was surprised by how the lite clay took the paint. Because it feels quite plastic-like, I was expecting the paint to bead up. This didn’t happen, and the heads were much improved by the first washes of black paint, which were then rubbed off slightly with a damp paper towel.

The next wash of antique white knocked the black back a bit, and made them look a bit less ‘stone-like’.

Next, I experimented with thin glazes of colour to build up a slightly rosy texture. I was pleased with the way the scarf turned out on the female head.

Finally, I sprayed the female head with a varnish. She is still drying, so I await to see how she looks. I like the glazed look of this.


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