Portrait – yet another one!

Yet another go at the same portrait. And again I was trying out a different style, only for it to come back to look similar to other attempts. Similar, but not the same – there’s definitely a progression there. Which is fabulous to see.

I am just loving trying out these portraits. I am not totally comfortable with the paint – I always start off thinking that I just don’t quite know what I’m doing. And I reach a point of thinking ‘Ugh, nope, this one hasn’t worked’. And then I seem to get past that, and somehow into a place where everything just clicks. Or kind of clicks- I still screw up and manage to lift some of the paint by painting over it before it was dry, or by smudging things, or going too dark. But suddenly I find that whole hours have passed without me even knowing it, and I’m focussing on the canvas and on the tonal values and I LOVE that feeling.

Things I’m finding hard: noses, eyes and hair. I suppose that’s standard for everyone.

The question that’s really in my mind tonight – what am I going to do with all these pictures I’m painting? I fear the downstairs loo is going to become a scary place to be…



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