Putting paintings out there

Something interesting occurred to me whilst I was talking to somebody on Facebook yesterday. We were talking about sharing paintings on Facebook. She was saying that she enjoyed looking at other people’s paintings, but that she doesn’t put herself out there as yet.

About a year ago, I made a decision that I would put most of the things that I produce on Facebook. I don’t quite put on everything, of course, but the vast majority of things I create to go into a folder that I have created. Because I don’t get too much time to create, I don’t feel that I am overwhelming Facebook with my creations! And, besides, if people don’t want to see them, they can always ignore them.

What I realise is that this has worked well from me. By happily putting the things I create on Facebook, I am not saying to myself that I am only putting the thing on Facebook because I consider it to be good enough. This means I am not particularly emotionally invested in the things that I put on Facebook. Some stuff is definitely better than others, and some stuff gets liked more than others, and I don’t really care because I feel the same way. I like this casual approach.

I think if I were to select the pieces of work that I wanted to show, I would be raising the bar of the stuff that I show. I would be saying, to me at least, ‘look at this piece! I like this enough to show you!’. I think that I would therefore hope that other people would like that piece because I’d already self-selected it.

It’s also a lot of fun to look back over the year and to see how I’ve progressed. And, I really have progressed. That’s very gratifying. Interestingly though, I put more on Facebook than I do on this blog. There’s no real reason for that other than the ease with which I can post to Facebook. From now on, I’ll post more to here as well!


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