The blank canvas effect.

Ok, so I got my website this far. I set up the theme, chose the plugins, tweaked the settings, tweaked too far and deleted it all, set it all up again, lost all the images, restored them all again, and now… well, I’m suffering from blank canvas syndrome. Or, perhaps a better analogy: from blank art journal syndrome. You know when you open that beautiful journal or sketchbook the first time and suddenly all those ideas that have been buzzing around your head just disappear?

I wanted this to be a journal about art – a log of my progress and journey as I learn new skills and discover fellow creative people, with a few snippets about my life and thoughts thrown in. I’ve been concerned that my ideas for posts, many now discarded, were more about life than they were about art.

But I think I have to be realistic: working long hours means there is only limited time for craft and art, and I think for the moment I just need to post. No more hovering at the door of the party not quite daring to enter. Yes, it will take me a while to hit my stride, but I wont hit it if I don’t get started.

And that, in nutshell, is the story of my life. Always holding back from doing something as it might not be good enough. And somehow expecting that skill to emerge without making the mistakes first.

Perfectionism. It’s not good, is it?


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