The case of the forgotten purse and the rumbling tummy

I got to work today to discover – oh no! – that I’d left my purse at home. Hmmmm, okay, not so good. Luckily I don’t need to buy petrol today, but I didn’t come to work with any food. No problems, I think, I’ll ask a colleague for the loan of a pound or two. Ah, but all I find are empty desks. Colleagues are all on holiday or working elsewhere today.

So I dig around the bottom of my bag and find £1.74 in loose change which is enough at least to buy a yoghurt for breakfast and soup & bread for lunch. But now I am peckish, and there is no money for a snack.

And the funny thing is that I can’t decide if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Bad, because I’m being distracted by a slightly rumbling tummy. Good, because I eat too much anyway and I’m only hungry because I’m used to taking in more food than this.

I am dreaming of a bowl of freshly popped pop corn, though. Yum….


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