Wedding doodle

A rather familiar scene, but in a different style. I’m so pressed for time at the moment that I’m finding black and white ‘doodling’ style – in pen and soft pencil on heavyweight cartridge – to be really convenient as I can take it with me and work on it in so many more places than, say, paint. Or even coloured pencils.

I really like the style of these. I find the contrast of the hard pen and the soft pencil, combined with the richness of the doodled textures, really appealing.

I think this would make a great wedding card or even an invitation for a less formal wedding. I’ll be adding it to my Etsy shop soon.


3 thoughts on “Wedding doodle

  1. I think it’s great! I am actually very fond of the “doodling” style. It is something that I’d like to start doing a bit of myself.

    I’ve looked at your other work and I love your style! So fun and whimsical.

    Happiness and blessings from your newest follower,

    Anita ♥

  2. Hi Jenny…I found you at Willowing’s site. I belong to her ning site but I haven’t taken one of her classes yet. I love the wedding doodle. You used pencil along with the pen? I haven’t tried that. I see you are using Word Press…so do I. Come by and visit me.

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