What a fab weekend! Lots of time to paint! Mark was at an orchestra rehearsal on Friday, and then again on Sunday with the rehearsal also being on Sunday. So, I had lots of time to myself. Despite this, I didn’t get done what I’d like to get done – but isn’t that always the case?

I must admit that on Friday I just kicked back and enjoyed myself. In fact, I put on songs from my youth and danced along to them! That was brilliant fun! But, on Saturday, I got down into the cellar and started to do some painting. I wanted to do something a little bit different from my normal style. I want to just experiment a little bit.

I don’t know where I initially intended to take this piece, but it ended up being quite an energetic fusion of lines and strokes. I don’t feel completely that the cover scheme worked but I really enjoyed doing it. At one point I was just literally throwing my hand at the canvas I also did some percussionistic taps with a paintbrush though these later got covered up.

This is the result

Yesterday, I decided to try a different style again. Initially, I had intended to do a portrait. I felt like doing something that wasn’t abstract. But somehow that went out of the window.

I had a background that I had prepared previously on watercolour paper that was just sitting there waiting for me to do something else with it. I decided to work on this a little bit more. The first thing that I notice is that it is now completely flat. When I first prepared the background, it did wrinkle a little bit, and I began to wonder whether painting on watercolour paper wasn’t going to work on me. But, it was fine, and that’s good to know.

The background that I had already done was quite heavy and warm with lots of oranges in it. I wanted to lighten it up a bit. I was initially inspired by some of the paintings of Tracy Verdugo. I did look at some of her work before I started this piece but I don’t feel completely ended up in her style. There was one point when I wasn’t enjoying this much, but now I think iyt has grown into something that I like.


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