Weekend art

Well, I'm STILL not well (yes, I know, it's getting boring now, isn't it?) so I've just been doing casual sketching / art with not a lot of effort or intent.

Yesterday, I sketched these two characters using Conte Pierre Noire

I really Iove the creaminess and richness of the Pierre Noire pencil and find it much easier to control than charcoal.

Then I sketched this person roughly on a large sheet of paper

She's very flawed and I'm not going to finish her, but I quite like her all the same.

Next, another abandoned attempt:

As you can see, she ended up looking quite snooty and ugly. I may go back to this one at some point but I don't find pastels very compatible with my over sensitive sinuses.

Finally, a quick and lazy coloured pencil sketch:


And finally, there's Bob. Bob works in a car showroom and eats too many crisps. He's not a very nice person, really. I love it when the characters tell me something about themselves.

So a relatively productive weekend and I'm pleased I made myself do stuff despite not really feeling in the mood for it.



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